Some dragonflies / damselflies some with Larve between april and june 2020cameras: Fujifilm X-H1 und X-T20
lenses: Fujinon XF 80 und Fujinon XF 100-400

We have a very small pond, maybe 1 sqm and only about 20 cm deep. But that’s enough space for a 2 toads, 2 frogs, some 15 newts and for the larvas of dragonflies/damselflies that eat almost all the eggs of toads, frogs, newts, their polliwogs plus presumably the eggs/larvas of other dragonflies. The first damselflies (the red ones) larvas crawled out oft the water in mid April. The big dragonflies started to come early June. Must habe been at least some 20 in total this year. From crawling out of the water to the first flight they need only about a hour and a half. The pictures of other types like the blue, the white and the golden ones were not taken in our garden but at a little creek which is only some 200 meters down in the valley.

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