Flags #5

Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Italy…

To hell with the brown sauce!

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flags #2: Divided States of America

Construction of a Donson Ngoni (Kamalen Ngoni or Tubab Ngoni)

At a Session someone showed up with a Donson Ngoni , that was made by Jeremy Cloake. A beautiful and very good sounding instrument. Continue reading


A companion from way back when – Continue reading

Bandproject trancegrooves


By learning to play african drum-rhythms I got to know the power of reiteration. African musicians don’t have a problem playing the same pattern for a long period of time. I learned to love this way of making music and I try to apply it in my music.

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Why do you make music?

You’re busy for years to do something without knowing why. For instance playing music. Continue reading

random graphics

„wo der Zufall abnimmt nimmt der Abfall zu“ (Sigward Sprotte)

Its playing with words an impossible to translate. A try: “while chance (in the meaning of randomness) decreases junk increases”

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Vienna 2011

A huge pile of art in high quality. Klimt and Schieles at different places, couldn’t see all of them because they were at too many places. An impressing exhibition of photorealistic art; Chuck Close, Richard Estes … in the museum of modern art.

Vienna doesn’t seem to be a healthy place for musicians. All of them had already died; Beethoven, Mahler, Schubert, J. Strauß, Bruckner… One living musician sat on a bridge on a cold day in february an played “besame mucho” on his accordion. He already looked pretty sick.

Some photos.

the djembe font

Notate simply by typing on your keyboard. Continue reading

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